Friday, 21 August 2009


Milow is a Belgian singer-songwriter. In the Netherlands he's mostly known for his cover 'Ayo Technology' and for his song 'You don't know'. When I like a song, I usually check out the other songs of the artist as well. Sometimes it's disappointing, but Milow's songs are really beautiful. The music is like it should be and I simply love the lyrics. They really are a big inspiration for me. And that's what this blog is about after all. :)

This song is called 'Born in the eighties'.

You can hear his popular song 'You don't know' and maybe-not-so-well-known-but-still-amazing song 'Dreamers and Renegades' in the next video. 'Dreamers and Renegades' is a song that really can cheer me up. :) (This is the live-version)

And last, but definitly not least: 'The Ride'.

It's probably my favourite Milow song.

What do you think?


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