Sunday, 16 August 2009

Gossip Girl

Ok., I guess everyone knows Gossip Girl or at least must have heard about it! In America, season 2 has succesfully ended and September 14th the third season will start.

The Main Characters

(From the left to the right) Leighton Meester (Bitchy Blair Waldorf) - Chace Crawford (Hot Nate Archibald) - Blake Lively (It-Girl Serena Van Der Woodsen) - Penn Badgley (Lonely Boy Dan Humphrey) - Ed Westwick (Bad Boy Chuck Bass) - Taylor Momsen (All Innocent Jenny Humphrey)

The Story
Gossip Girl is someone who keeps track of everyones life on the Upper East Side of New York. And with everyone I mean those who visit Constance Billiard High School and St. Jude's High School daily, or at least, are meant to do that. The main characters are the ones with the most fascinating lives. It's all about Love, Revenge, Popularity and How To Spend A Lot Of Money In Not So Much Time.

The Outfits
Everyone wears highly fashionable clothes. It's like candy for your eyes. See for yourself on the picture above. It all looks beautiful and expensive!

What do I think?
I think Gossip Girl is the most amazing, addicting, fascinating serie. I recently watched all the episodes of Season One (I've got the dvd box ^^.) and it was brilliant again! There is always happening something on the Upper East Side. I highly recommend it to everyone who is into fashion, girltrouble, boytrouble, rich people's lifes, hot guys, New York (!) and a lot more :)

You know you love me..
XOXO Gossip Girl

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