Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Long time, no posting. Again. As you may have noticed, this happens pretty often to us lately. We're both very busy and unfortunately can not find the inspiration to make lovely posts. That's why we decided to have an official little break. No posting for a while. But don't give up on us yet! Please check out These Lovely Things every now and then for our fresh start. When we're ready. Have a wonderful day, week and month!

Fleur & Karin.

Friday, 3 September 2010

New Series Season

Hello everyone!

Finally a new post, from both of us! ^^. Karin lives in Utrecht since Wednesday, so on Thursday Fleur came to explore Utrecht together :) We had an amazing time and discovered a lot of little, cute shops (you probably will hear a lot more about those sometime)!
But for this post, we like to share some dates. You see, in September, a lot of the series we watch start their new seasons ^^.

Merlin (season 3) 11 september
Gossip Girl (season 4) 13 september
How I Met Your Mother (season 6) 20 september
House (season 7) 20 september
Glee (season 2) 21 september
Bones (season 6) 23 september

Karin & Fleur