Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Michelle Phan on YouTube

Mostly when I'm getting bored, I'm starting to surf around on Youtube. And I recently bumped into MichellePhan's account! She is amazing! She has a lot of make-up tutorials that are very fun to watch. So I would like to share a few of my favourites:Here she makes curls in her hair without heat, she only uses a paper bag.

Here she bought her shoes half a size to small, so she shows us how to stretch them up using water/ice.
And here she learns us a trick, how to use business cards when you're not that brilliant with mascara.

Lady Gaga is a Fashion Queen and a Make-Up Artist! Here Michelle shows us how it's done.

And last but not least, how to save money when you think (!) you're lipgloss is empty!

She has many more videos, check her out on Youtube!

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