Saturday, 15 August 2009


I went to Brussels wednesday and had an amazing time. And I couldn't help taking some pictures to show you some things. Enjoy!

The atomium was build in 1958 for the World's Fair. It really huge when you actually see it in real life. You can visit 5 spheres, including the highest one. It was truly amazing! For once I didn't mind being a stupid tourist! :)
Grand Place. I've been a few times in Brussels before, so I already saw this. But it's quite nice.
Something I like to do when I go for a day of shopping or visit a city is to go into a local supermarket. Most supermarkets have cold (!), delicious smoothies. It isn't as expensive as buying one in a restaurant, café or other places where you can buy cold drinks. Just go into the supermarket, buy one or two and just look for a lovely place to sit in the sun. I mean it: you should really do that. Btw. You can find a lot more tasty -but not that healthy- things in supermarkets.
This is a nice way to make a boring wall look good.
This store is like a fairytale come true. When you enter you go straight back into your childhood. There's candy and chocolate as far as you can see. Al packed in cute old-fashioned cans or just lying there in big bowls. The downside on the shop: You have to pay a little more. But the tasting was free. And delicous.
I also visited Musee du Cacao et du Chocolat (the Chocolate Museum). It isn't big. But quite interesting. And again with the tasting: delicous. Belgium is know for there chocolates. You have to be careful not to trip over the huge amount of stores. You can also buy just one or 2 little chocolates in those stores. You really should. It's not much. But it's chocolate and you can choose from a lot of different little mouthwatering brown or white pieces of.. ..chocolate!

I also did some shopping. But this is enough for now. :) You'll see that later!


  1. OMG you went to the chocolate museum! So lucky.

  2. fantastic pics looks like you had a great time xo