Saturday, 30 January 2010

H&M Wishlist

Finally my H&M wishlist ^^. Have fun :)

I'm not a huge strapless-dress-fan but this one is really cute I think ^^.There was also one with black instead of blue, but on this one I think the blue is better than the black. (and you won't here me say that a lot ;) ^^.)

I think this kimono-inspired-dress is really amazing! The colours are beautiful, and so are the patterns. I also think the material will make it lovely to wear ^^. I think this Chanel-inspired-vest is really cute! You can wear it with anything and it will look classy! Also the black/white combination will always do it for me ;)

.SPRING is on it's way and that makes me sooo happy :D This year there will be a 3-week-vacation to Thailand, so I will be needing those shorts ^^.Since the first time I saw this cute belt (cause that is what it's meant for) I am in love with it. To bad I think it's way to expensive. It is still really cute though.. just have to wait for sale ^^.I think this bracelet is very classy, you can't wear it on a normal schoolday, which makes it something special. I loooove these shoes! I know the heel is high (ouch), I know there is this weird snakeprint (yuk) and I know there are these little golden studs (little dislike for gold, silver is so much prettier).. but I love the whole feeling of it! They're just beautiful. Weird actually. I think the combination of all those things I normally dislike makes them so pretty. Hihi.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my little dreams and wishes ^^. Tell me what you think!
And for now, have a nice day :D

XX. Fleur

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