Saturday, 5 September 2009


You probably don't remember, but I was on a little holiday two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to post this, but now I have. Oud-Rekem is a little town in Belgium. It was voted the most beautiful town of Vlaanderen, which is a part of Belgium. There's a castle in Oud-Rekem, but it isn't open for visitors. On the outside it's really beautiful. When we went to Oud-Rekem there were artworks in the castle that you see. I didn't care that much for the artwork, but I loved that I could go inside. Please don't expect a amazing castle with exepensive stuff, because it has been used as a psychiatric hospital a long time ago and after that it has just been empty.The state the castle is in, isn't perfect. Though it was amazing to walk there. You could almost feel the history of the castle and what people have been going through in the past. And I couldn't resist taking a lot of pictures for you. I was really fascinated by all those doors en windows. The paint was coming of and a lot of tiles where missing, but I think that was the beauty of it. It was far more dramatic when you actually walk there and hear your steps on the floor echoing. I walked around the place quite a while. Like I said, normally it isn't open for visitors. Btw. the stairs you see in the picture above are designed by someone named Eiffel. Does that name sound familiar?

You probably want to see what the castle looks like on the outside. Well, here you go:
That's something different, isn't it?

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  1. Ohh, what a beautiful pictures! I saw one at DA too, but there are much more here, I can imagine it that it's more dramatic to walk through it than just looking at some pictures, but well done!