Thursday, 24 September 2009


Autumn is officially here. Okay I admit,the weather is not like it. The sun was shining and I suddenly needed icecream today, but the official autumn is here. I love every season. I think there are the most beautiful things in winter, spring, summer and autumn. I love the snow and the hot chocolate in the winter. I love the young animals and everything turning green in the spring. And the summer is the time of the sun and the time of enjoying icecream at the beach.

The Autumn?? I love the autumn. Not because of the huge amount of spiders I meet everyday. Definetly not. But because of this:

It's the perfect video. The images are amazing. The music could be different, although it's quite beautiful. But the images are really wonderful. And I think this will also fit "A Thousand Reasons to Smile." Please do.

Have a lovely Autumn!

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