Monday, 28 September 2009

Album Art

Finally, a new post. Just a little something. Sometimes an idea appears into your mind and you have absolutely no idea where it came from. At least that's what happens in my mind. Of course it must have come from somewhere and it probably was a reaction to a song I was listening or something. Anyway, you couldn't care less care about my stupid ideas and huge explanations. So I'll just show you. There are the most amazing album covers. Little pieces of art who everybody can see, but normally don't really care about. I found six I really liked. Here you go:

What's your favourite album? Please tell me!



  1. I like the ones of Regina Spektor, The Fray and Mika.
    the first two because they're pretty and because I like their music!(L) the one of mika is just a great piece of art! there is so much in it and is really colourful!

  2. that are really lovely album covers

  3. From the ones you have given, I liked the one of plain white tees best. It's simple, but it gives me... well don't know.. Some kind of feeling (A)?

    xxx Salina