Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Monday's Melody

(This post should have been posted last monday, so let's just pretend it's monday)

It is time for a new regular post. For quite some time now, probably since we've started, you could find our favourite song at that time on our blog. Maybe you knew that. Maybe you didn't. But we think it's time to change that. Every week on every monday we will post Monday's Melody in which both me and Fleur will post our favourite song of that week. This can be a new song, a dutch song or an old song we rediscovered. We hope you'll enjoy it.

The Cactus that Found the Beat - Missy Higgins

I found this song again last week. It's rather old, but not too famous. This live version is just so perfect. I love Missy Higgins' songs. This song doesn't need an explaination. It just needs to be heard. Enjoy! - Karin.
Love never dies - The Beauty Underneath
Tonight in our lovely little country, we have the anual musical awards gala! For the dutch musical industry this is a big happening! That's why I wanted to share a musical song with you this week ^^. This song is from the sequel of the all famous Phantom of the Opera. Love Never Dies. I really like it, but I think you have to know the story to really understand the meaning of it. Give it a try, you might as well enjoy it ^^. - Fleur!

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