Monday, 23 August 2010


I'm not really a tattoo person. I never considered taking one, nor which desigin I would like. But a few weeks ago I talked about tattoos with a friend, who was considering taking a tattoo. I was a bit surprised, but when I thought about it, tattoos can be a great way to remember a certain moment or person in your life. I'm not that fond of the 'forever' part, but I get why some people find it very important. We talked about having a word or sentence that means a lot to you tattooed. I immediately thought about that when I saw the picture above. I absolutely love it. I got a bit carried away looking for some other inspiring word-tattoos.

Even one word can mean a lot.

I think this way too long, but I do loved the quote!

Isn't this one amazing?

A wonderful message (although it kind of depends on what you did ^^)
Again, just three words that say everything.
I don't have to say anything about this one. 
And to end this post, a pretty one with birds. So cute. 

The thing I eventually discovered that I do like some tattoos. They can mean a lot and have amazing stories behind them. I would love the stories behind those pictures. I'm not planning to get a tattoo anytime in the near future, but I just wanted to share these little artworks.

Have a lovely week!


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