Friday, 23 July 2010


This Sunday I'm leaving the beautiful Netherlands to visit a totally different part of this big world! Sunday evening my family and I are leaving on a jetplane to play the tourist in Thailand! So I'll be gone for a little more than 3 weeks! Unfortunately Karin will also be gone for another 2 weeks after I've left, so the blog will be on a summerbreak. Sorry for that!

And now, Thailand! We are going to make a selfplanned trip around all parts of Thailand (North - mountains, south - beach/islands, middle - city). We start our journey close to Bangkok. We will stay a few days with in a house with family, so we can get used to the climate and the whole idea of being on the other half of the world :P After that we (btw we is 8 people, my parents, little brother, aunt and uncle, two cousins and me) travel to Chiang Mai, there we'll make a trip in the mountains for a couple of days. Than it's time for Phuket, which is in the south, so there will be beach and islands and a lot of things to do like diving and visiting the James Bond Islands ^^. And last but not least we will visit Bangkok :D

Here are a few photos to give you an idea about Thailand! (Long live WikiMediaCommons)

C h i a n g   M a i
City Art and Cultural Centre

Mae Sa waterfall - Doi Suthep national park

P h u k e t
Karon beach (in 2004)

Promthep Cape

B a n g k o k

Wat Benchabophit (The Marble Temple)

Ananta Samakom Throne Hall (The old parliament building)

I hope you now have a small taste of Thailand :) I'll have a lot more pictures once I get back :) But since I'm not gone yet I will keep posting until at least Sunday ^^.

XX Fleur

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