Friday, 16 April 2010

Interior Inspiration

I've been ill for almost three weeks now. I can't stand being tired anymore. It makes me tired. Slowly I'm beginning to pick up the pieces.  So it's time to start posting again. Not a lot though, just when I feel like it. (:

A few years ago I wanted to be a interior designer. Not anymore, but I still love to decorate rooms, deciding where everything should go,  finding creative solutions, which colours to use... Luckily, my little sister is getting my room and I hers this summer. Which means that I can paint, decorate and have some fun all over again! Yay!

I've convinced myself that it's not too soon to start collecting lovely ideas and inspirational pictures. So here are a few I came across (I'm afraid that I don't know where all of these photographs come from, so if you recognize anything, please tell me)

I love this. It's so cute. My favourite things are the clock and the writing. The writing is amazing, I definetely have to remember that!

I'll never have such a huge room, but the feeling of it is pretty wonderful. I also love the blue colour with the wood and white.
The idea of using a lot of different frames with different uses is brilliant! I also like that the colours are not the same. It's not perfect, but that's probably what makes it perfect.

Again white, wood and colour. I love that combination. And those little boxes on the wall!
Old keys are amazing. To use those shapes in this way is beautiful. The gold with the dark blue is very pretty.

I hope you enjoy interior design posts. Because I'm planning on posting more. Which one is your favourite?


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