Friday, 19 February 2010

Bonjour Paris!

Like Fleur said, I'm also leaving you next week. My parents promised that we're going to Paris before I'll graduate. My final exams are coming up, so we just have to go. Unfortunately ;)I've been to Paris last year, just for a day, with my art class. I was determined to return. It's not that far away, at not least for me. I hope to visit the Louvre. But the main thing I'm going to do is photograph. With my dad's old cameras, my own little simple camera and my mother's camera. Can't wait. I'll keep an eye out for pretty streetstyle. So hopefully you'll see that in a few weeks.

But I wanted to ask you something. Have you ever been to Paris? Which places do I really have to visit? Do you have any suggestions? Please do tell me everything!
Is there something I have to photograph?
I'm busy making a few nice posts, that can be post while Fleur and I are away.
Keep an eye out for those! I'll leave on monday, so until then, please tell me everything I need to know about Paris!


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  1. wauw! really amazing pictures!:D