Monday, 22 February 2010

5 Looks: Yellow

Yellow is a colour I normally wouldn't wear. But I came across a few stunning looks with yellow clothes. Spring is almost here and a happy colour makes me want to go outside and have fun without putting my coat on. Which unfortunately isn't a good idea. Enjoy these 5 Looks!
(and click on image for source)A simple, but elegant yellow dress with a gorgeous neck-line. I wouldn't mind owning this one.

A great way to combine a simple yellow t-shirt. And there are those coloured tights again. ^^
The yellow vest makes this look a lot more interesting and fun. It's not too yellow. I also love the dress. But I always like dresses.An amazing skirt. And very bright. I love the volume and the different layers it has. The black shirt, tights and shoes make it not look too clowny or rainbowy. Very beautiful. And last, but not least. A very simple, summery outfit. It looks very comfortable and it probably is. I do like the grey with the yellow.

Maybe I have to buy myself a few yellow clothes. It will certainly bright up my day. :)

What do you think? Is yellow too bright? Or too happy? Can something be too happy?


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