Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Listen and Smile!

The highlight of today was the part were I learned that insects breathe through holes in their back. Quite a day. Not. And now, after some hot chocolate, eating cupcakes with friends, talking and doing practicaly nothing, I feel much better. So I thought, why don't I post a little something today? To make you feel better as well :)

Recently I've been listening to all kinds of music. But two musicians really keep popping up in my playlist. Mika and Owl City. Mika is well known around here, but I never heard of Owl City before. Where you live it can be the other way around. Or you know them both.

Mika has just released his second big album. I love it. It's still him, but more complete in some way. My favourites at this moment (it changes every 5 seconds) :

I had never heard of Owl City, until Fleur send my such a lovely song. After a little tiny bit of research I discovered that it is an American synthpop musical project. The song
'Fireflies' was a hit single in America. That's all I know. At this point. Anyway. This are a few songs I love (not including Fireflies, which I absolutely adore, you should definetly check that one out too!):

I hope you'll love them as much as I do.
Enjoy it.
Turn up the volume and just start smiling.
Have a lovely day!


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