Sunday, 15 November 2009

H&M Wishlist

Every once in a while I don't really want do whatever I need to do. Like homework. Every few months I visit H&M's webshop to see what new items they have. And that's what I did two days ago. This is what I found.I love this coat. The colour is really beautiful. I don't need another coat and I promised to myself that I wouldn't buy one, because my old one is fine. But as you might know, I really like those military inspired jackets.
I think this is perfect for a simple party. It's quite classy, but still fun. I really like the neckline and the way those shirt studs don't make it look a little cheap. Because sometimes they do. And in this case it doesn't look cheap, but it is.
I can see myself sitting on the couch drinking warm chocolate and watching a movie with some friends. It looks warm and comfy. You can wear it on a stay-on-the-couch-all-day-and-do-as-less-as-possible-day, but also with jeans and a simple top when you go to school. :)
Like I said. I really don't need another coat. But that doesn't mean I can't look. I like the length of this one. Maybe not always that practical, but in some situations it can be a perfect coat. It looks warm and I like the grey. It's a beautiful coat. I have a weakness for these shoes. Ever since I first saw them in a H&M store in Belgium, I wanted to have them. But I know I wouldn't wear them a lot. I would just look at them. And that's not that practical. Unfortunately I decided not to buy them. Nevertheless, I love the old look they have. And the pink. Ahh. I still want them.
I like this blouse. It has an old feeling to it. And I like the little blue stripes. They probably look wonderful with a simple belt and some jeans.

And last but not least: Who doesn't need another comfortable blue pair of pyjamas??

What are your favourite H&M wardrobe pieces? Or which ones do you have on your wishlist?



  1. Dat zwart jurkje is heel leuk!

    xox thuhien nguyen.

  2. die eerste jas is egt geweldig! wie zo denken dat we de zelfde jas leuk zouden vinden, ka ;)?

    -xXx- Riekjuh

  3. haha heel grappig:P
    die jas had ik in het grijs besteld bij H&M maar hij was te groot maar wel heel leuk:D
    oo, en dat zwart/blauw gestreepte vest heb ik ook besteld bij H&M xD