Friday, 31 December 2010

Looking back: My 2010 to do list

Maybe one of you, who also was here a year ago, remembers my DIY todo list for 2010.
If you weren´t there, shame on you ;),  you can read it here. I was full of ideas and seriously thinking I could commit myself and do all of those things. 2010 brought some amazing things for me, but almost none of them were planned. Anyway, it seemed like a nice idea to look back on that list and tell you what I did.

1. Make a piece of clothing from scratch. Well, all I can say about that one is: it's also on my 2011 to do list.

2. Make a cookbook of all the amazing recipes I tried. I actually did that one! It's still on my old laptop and there aren't that much recipes in it. But I'm looking forward to expanding that collection next year.

3. Try my dad's old camera collection. There was a moment in 2010 that I was walking near the Louvre in Paris with one of those old camera's in my hand. Seriously. With a film in it and everything. And then, after a few decades the battery was empty. My dad tried the camera a few days before and it was still fine. That didn't spoil the fun though. Paris is amazing. I actually went there twice this year. Ahh. All those wonderful memories.

4. Get creative with canvas bags.  I bought one. To start making cute ones. And then I discovered this really cheap pretty bags at a store in the Netherlands. For only one euro. I am that person that tells the person in the store that I don't want a bag, because I have my own. Yeah I know, probably annoying when you're behind the counter. But I think it's a very good thing to always have a extra bag with you. It's good for the environment, we use way to many plastic bags. So this store (Blokker) has really cute ones with a tiny thing to put them in. Perfect for in your handbag. I didn't really need to make those myself. Sorry.

5. Make a huge painting. No. Still no huge painting. But I did paint a whole room by myself, (my sister and a friend were wonderful help) In cute purple/lavender colours. Does that count?

6. Photograph. Yes. Did that. A lot.

7. Make a video.  I started making a simple stop motion, but never got around to finish it. And I made a silly video of me walking. It was just an experiment and I can't recall me showing it to anyone. I'm a bit ashamed. The song is really pretty though. But because I really like you all. Here it is:
I just got my new camera, which isn't  really meant for filming, but I wanted to try that. And this was the result. Quite stupid I know.

And that was the list.
Not that great of a year it would seem. But I'm very very grateful for everything that has happened. I've done some wonderful things and met a lot of inspiring people. Including starting my own little Etsyshop. Not a single sale. But I have a lot of fun working on that. And the travelling was great. I've been to so many places this year. Let's hope that 2011 is a much fun as 2010!

We wish you all a very happy new year!

All pictures belong to me.

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