Friday, 14 May 2010


Yesterday I went to an amazing local festival! It's called "Klomppop" and this was the 30th edition! 
My boyfriend and I jumped on our bikes at 11:00 and arrived around 11:30 at the festivalgrounds. We bought our ticket (€5,- cheaper then when we would buy it after 13:00!!), listened to a small local metal band, Dehumanisation, and went home to get something to eat and get a coat. 

Around 16:15 we were back, just in time for Go Back to the Zoo!! An amazing dutch band who just scored a hit with there song Electric!

After Go Back to the Zoo came Nuff Said, I didn't know them, but they really surprised me! There music is perfect for a festival, easy to dance on and a lot of fun to listen to!

After Nuff Said we went to eat something, missed Stream of Passion, a heavy metal band, so I didn't really mind about that. But when we came back we heard an amazing sound coming out of the tents. The Irish band Delorentos just started! That energy! Absolutely awesome! After the performance they distributed their album "In love with detail", for free! I'm listening to it right now, and it is super! 

After this amazing performance we had like no time to catch our breath because there she was, CARO EMERALD! practicly thé reason I went to Klomppop! She is a sensation! She got the crowd dancing with her jazzband, an inspiring combination of a bariton saxophone, saxophone, contrabass, trumpet, piano, guitar and a dj! And they really made a show out of it, with man in suits and with (sun)glasses. Very 50's, 60's!

After Caro Emerald we had to give our feet some rest, but not for long because after Saint Jude, an English rockband, there was Moke!! An other dutch sensation! You could see they had so much fun while on stage! 


And then is was time to go home. I had an amazing afternoon, evening and night, but was very happy when I could crawl in my soft bed by 00:30. What a day!

XX Fleur

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