Friday, 3 September 2010

New Series Season

Hello everyone!

Finally a new post, from both of us! ^^. Karin lives in Utrecht since Wednesday, so on Thursday Fleur came to explore Utrecht together :) We had an amazing time and discovered a lot of little, cute shops (you probably will hear a lot more about those sometime)!
But for this post, we like to share some dates. You see, in September, a lot of the series we watch start their new seasons ^^.

Merlin (season 3) 11 september
Gossip Girl (season 4) 13 september
How I Met Your Mother (season 6) 20 september
House (season 7) 20 september
Glee (season 2) 21 september
Bones (season 6) 23 september

Karin & Fleur

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